Inline filters on lists
You can now enable inline filters to appear on any list in Stacker. Once you have enabled this all your visible select, multi-select, relationship, multi-relationship or checkbox fields will instantly become filterable.
Inline filters on lists
You can combine your filters with the existing search box to further narrow down your search.
You'll find the option to enable this in the configuration of each list under "Inline filters".
Role based conditional visibility
You can now show and hide widgets on your record pages based on the role that someone has.
Screenshot 2020-05-20 11
Header and edit button is always visible on scroll
The edit/save button now floats when the user scrolls down so it is always visible, no matter how long the page!
Also works well on mobile.
Support for Google Sheets (Technical Preview)
We have added support for Google Sheets as a data source to Stacker. This is still in Technical Preview, and we'll be continuing to iterate on this over the coming weeks before making it generally available.
If you'd like to be one of the first to try it, then please get in touch! ([email protected]).
Password protected sharing links
We now support password protected Airtable sharing links.
Airtable password protected sharing links
Follow the article in the Airtable docs to set this up.
If you are making a new app you'll see the option to insert your sharing link password during the onboarding.
Enter password in onboarding flow
If you have already got an app, you can add a password to your sharing link in Airtable and insert it into your Stacker Portal Settings.
Multiple administrators
You can now add additional administrators to your app. From the "My Portals" page click on the New Admin button and enter their email address. The new admin will receive an email allowing them to set their password and login.
Add extra admins
N.B. An admin added will have admin access to all of the portals associated with the account.
Rich text fields, rich text descriptions and rich text banners
We've added support for Airtable's rich text fields. They look like this:
Rich Text Fields
This means you can show your users:
  • Styled text (bold, italic)
  • Quotes
  • Bullet points, numbered lists
  • Code blocks
Rich text fields are edited in Stacker using markdown.
We have also added rich text support to section descriptions and to the banner widget.
Rich Text Banner
Filter using the current record
We've added support for the current record to filters. In combination with the recent update we made to add "is current user" to our filter operators this means you can now filter to when the record matches the current user.
This is useful for:
  • Creating a "My Profile" item in your navigation using the One Record Only display mode.
  • Showing additional fields or information on a user's own record.
You can use the current record filter in list views or in conditional visibility.
Multiple permission rules
You can now create multiple permission rules on a single table. This is useful for specifying more complex permissions setups. For example:
  • Allow users to edit their own profile and read all other profiles
  • Allow staff members (in association with the user roles feature) to edit some product records and admins to edit all product records.
Screenshot 2020-05-02 00
Note: This is available on Pro plans.
Number, currency, percentage and date formatting fixes for formulas, lookups and roll ups
When you are calculated fields (formulas, lookups or roll ups) into your app we will now infer their data type from Airtable. This means that they will be formatted correctly as if they weren't calculated fields.
Screenshot 2020-05-01 23
Note: we aren't brining in all formatting options from Airtable at this time (e.g. decimal places, currency separators etc), however this change does mean that all currency formulas will now appear as currency fields in your app.
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