Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


You can now add the following widgets to your Create layouts: Banner, Text and Callout – in addition to the Field container widgets you already have on that view.
This means you can include text, buttons, links and important static information as part of your create layouts on Stacker.
  • You can now display percentage field values as a progress bar or a progress ring.
  • We will now remember your table sorting order if you reload the page or navigate away from it.
  • You can now reorder inline filters.
  • The ticks in our color picker box weren't centered.
  • Color toggle in the dropdown field options would briefly appear as disabled every time you opened it.
  • Field editor wasn't showing in some cases.
  • It was possible to drag widgets out of bounds in Create and Detail layouts.
  • Created At, Updated At, and Record ID fields weren't showing as read-only in all places.
  • Links were clickable outside of the link text.
  • Custom Pages were unintentionally showing an edit layout pane on updated Stacker Classic apps.
You can now power your Stacker apps with your PostgreSQL database using our new read/write PostgreSQL data connector! To read more about it, refer to our support documentation.
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Hey folks,
We're still working on exciting, big stuff like charts and Postgres, but we managed to squeeze in a few improvements and fixes in July.
  • Considerably improved speed and reliability of Airtable real time sync for those with busy Airtable bases.
  • Airtable rolled out a new form of sharing links to some customers—we now support them.
  • We will now warn you when the values of a dropdown field used in a filter change.
  • Create record button was showing in nested create forms when it shouldn't.
  • It was briefly possible to register to a Workspace with the same email multiple times.
  • Field configurator on the admin data grid could sometimes go out of bounds.
  • Deleting a role redirected you back to home of the 1st app in your workspace. We will now redirect you to the first role of the current app instead.
  • Checkmarks and crossmarks weren't properly aligned on the list view, but now they are.
Hey folks,
We've spent the majority of this month working on Charts and Airtable Real time sync performance optimizations. We still have some work to do in July, but we believe it will be worth it.
We also released a couple of new features and fixes:
  • You can now use new relative date filters such as
    this month
    next month
    . Read more
  • Dynamic Linked Record filtering is here. Read more
  • You can now delete your Workspace without contacting support, if you want to.
  • Searching on numeric fields in inline filters was sometimes causing a crash
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We've just released an improvement to our relative date filters: you can now filter your records by whether dates are before, after or during:
  • this month
  • next month
  • or last month.
This filter is available in List Filters on your List Layouts and in Inline Filters.
dynamic filter
You can now apply dynamic filters to your linked record fields.
Here’s an example of how it works:
If you’re assigning tickets to different people in your organisation you can first specify the
you’d like to assign a ticket to. When you come to assign a person to the ticket, you will only see people from the
chosen team
Note: the two fields need to be the same field type. This feature is live in your apps now, available on all plans.
Learn more about this feature and how to use it in our support docs.
Here's a round-up of new features, improvements, and bug fixes from May 2023. Support team's favourite are the revamped and snazzy looking inline filters. 💅
  • You can now set read-only fields on the Detail layout.
  • Inline filters got a bunch of new functionality. Read more
  • You can now add Stacker linked fields to Google Sheet connectors.
  • Airtable real time sync is now live. Read more
  • You can now create lookups that look up Stacker's created at, updated at, created by, and updated by fields.
  • Intercom and FullStory are now third-party tags. Read more
  • Layout filters now support number operators for currency, percentage, rollup and formula fields.
  • Downloading as CSV will now show on the inbox view.
  • You can now paste values over multiple cells in the admin data grid. Read more
  • We will now show an error message when your user table's configuration becomes invalid.
  • Changing the field type from a rich text field to a checkbox field while there was text content in it would cause a crash.
  • If you tried to download a CSV with a lot of fields, you would sometimes get an error message.
  • Inline filters would crash if you had large linked record tables.
  • Conditional Visibility filters for widgets were jumping or closing unexpectedly.
  • Stacker logo was way too big when viewed through Windows mail.
That's all, folks. We're excited to bring you more stuff in June.
With love,
Stacker Support Team
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Custom Scripts are now available in self-serve! Custom scripts are great because they allow you to bring in specific functionality and customizations that aren’t available natively in Stacker. For example, you can add a custom script for Google Analytics to learn about how your customers are using your Stacker app, or you could integrate with Weglot to translate your app into a different language.
This is an Enterprise only feature, but is also available for Stacker Experts. Pro users subscribed before the 18th of May 2023 will continue to be able to make edits to their scripts via Support.
Read more about how to set this up in the support docs here.
01 - Real-time Airtable sync
We're excited to announce that Real-time Airtable sync is now available in Stacker! With Real-time Airtable sync, any changes made on Airtable will reflect in Stacker in a matter of seconds, and vice-versa. This is by far our most popular feature request, so we're so happy that it's finally here.
All workspaces after the 10th of April will already have access to this, so there's nothing else you need to do. If you have workspaces created before the 10th of April, all you need to do is click
next to your Airtable data connections on your Settings page. Learn more about upgrading your data connection here.
inline filters 2
Inline filters now work with a much wider range of field types, including:
  • Date
  • Text
  • Number
  • Formula
  • Rollup
  • Attachment
Our inline filters now match our list filters for functionality (with one exception: you can't filter using the
is current user's
operator in inline filters).
We've also brought relative date filtering to inline filters.
You can now apply a time-based filter to your data based on a relative date. For example, you could apply inline filters so you can see your tasks for next week, today's sales reports, or this week's project deadlines.
The relative date filtering options are:
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Tomorrow
  • This week
  • Last week
  • Next week
  • This quarter
  • Last quarter
  • Next quarter
  • Specific date
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